Supposed to be working? Our fabricator claiming to “test ride.” I won’t say how fast it’s been run, but with a 40 shot of nitrous the trike will leave a stock Hayabusa….especially “off a light.”

with a 40 shot of nitrous trike custom sport bike conversion indiana usa

Sometimes you need another “place.” Here’s a modified trunk mounted on one of our touring racks… LED lights with quick disconnect plug under passenger seat, four nut removal. It’s gone in 60 seconds (?)….CAN U SEE ME NOW!

modified trunk mounted on one of our touring racks

We all need a little help sometimes..? Hit the purge button and say bye bye……we don’t worry about unexpected wheelies….or a slick spot on the road…..either!

nitrous for motorcycle sportbike trike

 “WE RODE OURS”….OK, you’ve heard it before. Our trike’s been around the block! This time…Indiana shop to Bar Harbor, ME. You know the woman has to come if she thinks you’re having fun! 😀 This trip was a little over 2550 miles (the way we went…got to sight see ya know!)  Comfortable, trouble free, and rubber neckers all the way! Two up, trailer loaded (as you can imagine) and “hammer down”…still averaged 36 mpg!

Custom Trike Bike Trailer for Travel Vacation

The fenders and belly pan fairing are molded in house. We fabricate our own fiberglass/carbon fiber/Kevlar body components. Don’t care for the fenders….no problem.  We can customize “the way YOU want them!"

Custom Trike with Wings Motorcycle Accessories Indiana USA

THE WING IS THE THING! Just another example of our fabrication capabilities…yes, it’s adjustable. Not necessary, but effective when you’re in the “triple digits!”

Suzuki Hayabusa Trike Kit with Wings Best

Going on a trip?….nothing like a trailer to throw all the “stuff” in! Sure we can put a hitch on it! We have variations…….a luggage rack (available in different lengths).....a REAL sissy bar to keep your honey from a sudden rear exit. AND, adjustable wheelie bars … case the operator has brain fade?

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