Bike to Trike Conversions and Back Again

Heard the cliche’ “Even a caveman can do it”….or  “only a few simple hand tools required”? These thoughts are the key to our Trike Kit! Although admittedly somewhat of a “stretch”…our conversion kit can be installed with the tools supplied by Suzuki with your Hayabusa!  ( you don’t have a chain breaker, get one! 🙂 Basically, here’s how it works:

(1) The Frankenstein designed rear end is utilized.

Bike to Trike Conversions and Back Again

During our search for a bullet proof rear end, we discovered FRANKENSTEIN TRIKES. A trip to their facility in Kansas convinced us that this was the unit we wanted…structural integrity, thoughtfully engineered, excellent appearance, and quality machine work. Considering the punishment we’ve put their product through, you won't find better!

We are a dealer for Frankenstein Trikes. We sell and install there kits for all Harley Davidson models….and customize it to your satisfaction.  BUT,  we have a need for speed and love our ‘Busas.’

(2) The Hayabusa swing arm is maintained…simply put, bracketry (*Patent Pending) is attached to each side of the swingarm and the original axle, with spacers, centers the rearend. A slightly longer rear brake line attaches from the stock master cylinder to the larger caliper on the rear.  Add a few links to the chain, and bolt on those fancy wheels you want and YOU’RE GONE!

(3) Want the bike back? Pull the axle, cut the chain, remove the brake line, remove the rearend.  Roll your original tire/wheel into the swingarm (with sprocket and cush drive,) insert axle with spacers and brake…hook the chain and….YOU’RE GONE!

JUST THINK: You can have a motorcycle on weekdays and a Trike on the weekend!  Selling your Gen1 and Buying a Gen2?   …no problem… keep your rear and call us for the Gen2 mounting components.  Same routine…bike to trike or back to bike! Can it get any better than this?